The Right Touch
Alternative and Holistic Health Services (CAM)

Wellness & Membership Plans

"Wellness Plan- Option 1"   

When you book & pay for next session after a session or within 72 hours after your appointment-No Contracts

  • Special Low pricing on a "follow up session-Work it out, Reiki. Swedish or Pregnancy Massage"
  • 60 minute "Work-it-Out" massage  $48.00 or
  • $15.00 on any other bodywork choice your next session
  • Complimentary upgrade to deep healing foot massage, mini Reiki session, or head massage.

*When booking online select the tab that says "72 Hours" under the manager's special category special, you have to book within 72 hours and return within 30 Days of your last massage. 

"Wellness Plan- Option 2" 

6 Month Plan Agreement-BETTER Prices

With the six-month agreement you will automatically be charged $59.00 , $65.00, or $75.00 (according to your agreement) on the first of every month during the six-month period. If you would like to upgrade using enhancements or adding extra time you may do so by making your selection and pay during your session .

  • 60 minute "Work-it- Out" massage  $59.00
  • 70 minute "Work-it- Out" massage  $69.00
  • 90 minute "Work-it- Out" massage  $79.00
  • *Complimentary hot stones
  • *Complimentary deep healing foot massage and scrub or aromatherapy foot massage
  • *or  $15 off on any other massage or healing session of your choice

* When booking online select the tab that says "6 month" under  the manager's special category special. Select "60 minutes".

VIP Members

"Loyal Membership"

With the loyal membership, you will automatically be charge your selected plan ex.($45x 4 or $50x 2) on the first of each month. All vouchers must be used within the month purchased to keep this price level, unless notified in advance.If you wish to skip a month simply text or email before the first and your card will not be charged. If no action is taken between the 25th to 31st of each month your credit card will be charged but can be saved as a credit when you need to make changes. You can cancel anytime, please give a 14 day notice. For members who come more than once a week, any additional massages maybe paid in advance, if you wish or you may pay a on your appointment day . Membership processing one-time fee $39

Weekly Plan Agreement-BEST Prices

  • 60 minute"Work-it-Out" massage $45.00
  • 90 minute"Work-it-Out" massage $70.00

Bi-weekly Plan Agreement-BEST Prices

  • 60 minute "Worked-it-Out" massage  $55.00
  • 90 minute "Worked-it-Out" massage  $80.00