The Right Touch
Alternative and Holistic Health Services (CAM)



Welcome to ‘The Right Touch!' We are elated that you have chosen to visit our website! See our Menu for COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Self-care therapy under the "Virtual Menu" tab.

The Right Touch is a privately owned business with a serene atmosphere that allows clients to feel their space and services are personalized and in a professional zone for healing and relaxation!

We specialize in Alternative and Holistic Health, Massage Therapy, and Lymphedema Management, and Rehabilitation injuries (e.g. sciatica, carpal tunnel, chronic back, neck pain, knee injury, etc). We offer a wide variety of integrated therapies empowerment classes and Reiki Shares to customize and address needs of each and every individual.

"Whether your needs are for relaxation, education, energy healing, Intuitive Advisory, Spiritual Enlightment, or for a reduction of stress and tension.  This journey will be The Right Touch 4U, 'to experience an incredible feeling of harmony and well being!"

We sell a variety of wellness products, Lymphedema compression garments-reduction kit, smudge, Aura Sprays, singing bowls, healing stones, and jewelry from the finest manufactures available, to meet the needs of those throughout the USA.