The Right Touch
Alternative and Holistic Health Services (CAM)


TESTIMONIAL: Rosa, Calabasas, CA

I think I am in love with the Right touch. I went there with so much pain and tingling in my limbs. When I left there I felt like a new person. I had no idea what was going on with my body until she educated me. I felt so relieved to have so much mobility compared to what restrictions I have been functioning with for the past year. I look forward to my next weeks visit!

TESTIMONIAL: Cacho, San Fernanado, CA

Smooth, Relaxing, and on Point. I felt like a new person when I got up and continue to be pain and stress free. She indeed have "The Right Touch!"


My experience with Tephanie is that she identifies areas that need attention, and then effectively utilizes her knowledge and experience in various techniques to give a therapeutic and caring massage.


TESTIMONIAL: Daina, Burbank, CA

My experFor a 5 star massage, you MUST call Tephanie! She has as extraordinary talent for determining any physical aliments you may be experiencing and works with expert percision to heal them, many times going over the alotted appointed time. She turly cares about her client's well-being and is the BEST massage therapist I have ever had.


TESTIMONIAL: Erika, Northridge, CA

Tephanie has given the best massages I have ever had in my life every time I have gone to her. She is available when I call her and is always on time and never in a rush when giving a massage. She is and will always be the only one who can give me massages.

TESTIMONIAL: Diane, Northridge, CA

This is the first time my son 13 with ASD had a full body therapeutic massage. It is deifficult for him to relax. When he finished the massage he said that he had a much easier time putting on his socks which is usually more difficult for him. During his massage I relaxed deeply too. Tephanie gave my son an innovative, intuitive, and compassionate exchange for his energy. I hope to follow this flow with my son.